About Us

Christian Legal Association (CLA) aims on inspiring Christians in the legal profession to answer God’s call found in Micah 6:8 to “..do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before God”,

  • By providing Justice to the oppressed.
  • By living wholeheartedly for God in their place of study or work.
  • By applying Biblical principles in their professional lives.
  • By integrating Faith, Law & Public Policy.

CLA is a network of Christian legal professionals across India, and has established local networks and chapters in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Pune, Ahemadnagar, Thane, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Kolkata, Guwhati, Dimapur, Aizawl, Kohima, Allahabad, Jabalpur, Indore, Baroda, Ahemdabad, Ajmer, Amritsar, Jammu and Delhi.

Our Activities

Some of CLA’s activities include the following:

  • Helps lawyers and civil society to keep updated on issues that confront the church in India.
  • By providing Justice to the oppressed.
  • Regional Seminars & Training Programs
  • Capacity building programs
  • Provides Legal Aid
  • Retreats

CLA’s involvement in law and policy change ensures that the collective voice of the Christian legal fraternity is heard. CLA provides its members the opportunity to participate in equipping the Body of Christ to be prepared to meet the legal challenges that the Church faces.


Christian Legal Association is hosting the 14th Advocates Asia Conference in Delhi from 22nd – 24th October 2015. CLA partners with Advocates International – US, Advocates Asia, Alliance Defending Freedom US and other international organizations to link the Indian legal professionals to their counterparts across the globe.

Religious Freedom

India is facing an unprecedented wave of attacks on Christians and their institutions and property. Numerous churches and Christian institutions have been destroyed in Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and other states as well. Christian Legal Association has recorded over 150 cases of persecutions across India in 2015 alone.

The Christian Lawyer

We often come across Christians who feel there is a disconnect between their faith and profession. Christian lawyers have often been looked at incredulously. One of the questions asked most frequently of a Christian lawyer is: “Surely it is not possible to be a Christian and a lawyer?" Disillusioned with their work, some lawyers even wonder, ‘Does God really care about what I do?’ And the answer is a resounding “YES”. For throughout the Bible we catch glimpses of God’s heart for His people to administer justice and order through the law, revealing His character, (See for example Zechariah 9:7, Amos 5:15 and Micah 6:8). Being a Christian lawyer is more than just a vocation. It is about being a legal missionary wherever God has set us down. It is about using our legal skills to proclaim the truth to power and speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, those who have no access to justice. CLA works on providing opportunities to do just this!